About Antoni Jon Allred

Antoni Jon Allred on the job saving energy for the State of Utah.Antoni Allred earned a B.S. in Planning (BYU) and MPA from the BYU Graduate School of Management, pursued a Ph.D in Regional Science at Portland State University and completed a Certificate in GIS from Pennsylvania State University.

Over the past 30 years Antoni has been a professional land use planner in Oregon and Utah, serving for a time as Executive Director of the Salt Lake Association of Community Councils and on the landmark Portland, Oregon Metro Growth Boundary Steering Committee. Antoni has been involved with the wireless industry since 1996 and currently teaches geography and energy investment finance at Salt Lake Community College.

Interesting Reading

Ashes of the Sun, by E. B. AllredMy brother just finished his first book: an interesting look at the future of the United States if we lose the fight to keep our planet clean.

Jamison Carn has lost everything to depression: his wife; his daughter; his career as a respected university professor. Addicted to medication, he decides to leave it all behind and check into Enviro-Rescue, a hospice for the terminally ill. Jamison soon realizes that all is not right with Enviro-Rescue. He gets clean and infiltrates the organization's hierarchy. What he discovers prompts him to plan his escape to the remnants of his former life.